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Something For Babies


For children 6 weeks to 12 months old


Attention, Caring & Sharing

Infant Care & Beginning to Learn

This is far more than just a daycare... Newborns and babies feel safer, sheltered, and joyful in this classroom. Kind, gentle teachers bond and cultivate trust with them. Each child has a principal caregiver, your key point-of-contact, to assist in your baby’s development.

In this program, babies are provisioned with:

  • Classrooms with nurturing, warm, happy environments

  • Instructive toys and stimulating things-to-do

  • Learning experiences that are immersive and safe

  • Fun, goal-based curriculum

Attention, Caring & Sharing

Progressive Measures + Our Curriculum

Start Them Early, our goal-based program, is intended to precisely meet the evolving needs of children in this age group. Infants will start to accomplish goals in four developmental capacities:


Approaches to Learning

The ability to solve problems, explore the world around them, become more independent.


Language Development

The ability to communicate effectively using sounds, expressions, body language, and finally, oral and written language; ability to understand and respond to the communication of others.


Physical Development

The ability to coordinate and control large and small muscle movements; increasing awareness of health and safety concepts.


Social-Emotional Development

The ability to interact with others and their increasing awareness of themselves and their emotions; understanding of their relationships with others, such as family, friends, community members.


Our Primary Toddler Program encourages 18-24 month olds to explore the world through exciting, age appropriate activities. Our Secondary Toddler Program is designed strictly for two year olds. This program offers fun, hands-on activities that provide a supportive, loving environment where toddlers can learn and explore. We provide the development of beginning readiness skills by integrating theme-based learning into skills which are age appropriate and developmentally appropriate for the two year old.

Stepping Stones to School

A Great Path To

School & Life

At Stepping Stones, children realize all the thrills of youth while building solid social and scholastic foundations. Our kids learn to respect each other and how to work with one another all while having a ton of fun. Here, they get to explore the wonders of learning.

As an early childhood development center science, technology, engineering, and math are incorporated into everything we do in our classrooms. Our synergistic, cultivating classrooms offer curriculums  that work from infant care to school-age.


Peace-of-Mind For You and Them

Safety and Security Come First

We work hard to provide you with peace-of-mind, from the second you drop off your kiddo, until the minute you pick them up. At Stepping Stones, we preserve a safe space, from the front door, to the classrooms, to the playgrounds, where educators are able to give personalized, nurturing care to each and every child, so they may learn, play and grow.

We Are Here For You

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